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After a few trips together to help grow our understanding of social media, we realized something. That we loved learning, but that we loved connecting with like-minded women even more. After lots of lunch meetings and constant brainstorming, The Uplift Mastermind Retreat was born.

We believe there is room for everyone here. Our goal is that you leave feeling loved and inspired, knowing you have a community of women to support you on your social media journey.


Are ready to Uplift your Social Media Platform?


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As we gather and learn together, we create a special bond that helps us grow. Our hope is that you leave feeling completely UPLIFTED.


We believe that every woman has something different to bring to the table and we learn better in these intimate settings.


We create a safe and comfortable experience for women to come and MASTERMIND together.


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April 18-21, 2022 - Waco, Texas
October 14-17, 2021 - Garden City, Utah

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3 Nights and 4 Days at an intimate venue (shared room)

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Kelly Ballard

Kelly grew up in California and met her Montana farmboy at college, and together they have raised their 4 children in Salt Lake City, Utah. Now you know where CITYGIRLMEETSFARMBOY comes from! Always having a creative passion when decorating her homes (they have moved 8 times), she started sharing her projects on Instagram in 2017. Without even knowing what a hashtag was, she grew her community through sharing DIY projects and real life moments. She loves to make it up as she goes and is a firm 90/10 finisher on all projects! She believes there is room for everyone and teaches classes on brand collaborating and understanding social media. Above all, she loves the lasting friendships this platform has created and looks forward to connecting with so many more amazing women!

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Bethany Sinks

Bethany has had a passion for home decor and design ever since she was a little girl. When she started building her modern farmhouse home back in 2017, she felt a nudge to create an Instagram account to share her build process. In her new home she incorporated several spaces with real shiplap and thus the name SHIPLAPADDICT was born!   
Bethany is a mother of 4 and a nana of 2. She is an empty nester and Instagram has become an amazing outlet for her. Note - Bethany has now changed to SEASONSOFMYHOME!
Being an influencer has brought so many wonderful opportunities for Bethany including being invited to do segments on her local tv show Studio 5 to share DIY projects and she has recently started a brand new blog at seasonsofmyhome.blog. Bethany’s most favorite part of her journey is each Sunday she shares her love for her Savior Jesus Christ. Her Sunday posts means so much to her and she loves how it connects with her followers on a deeper level. Social media has allowed Bethany to create friendships that will last a lifetime and for that she will ever be so grateful. 




The uplift retreat was so inspiring. I enjoyed it so much. I loved connecting with so many talented, kind, strong women. The mastermind classes were helpful and very educational. I learned so many amazing tips. I felt a deep connection with each one of the ladies that attended. Kelly & Bethany worked so hard to make sure everyone had a wonderful experience. I will definitely sign up for the next retreat. I walked away feeling incredibly blessed to be apart of this amazing Retreat. The food and the accommodations were so nice. This experience was truly delightful and very empowering to me. A huge thank you to Kelly and Bethany I appreciate and love you both so much.

Elkee Stewart

I left the Uplift Retreat on such a happy high. Bethany and Kelly did such an amazing job putting this together. They thought of all the details including some awesome swag from great Companies and delicious food throughout the weekend. I can't forget the location and the beautiful farmhouse we stayed in. I left the retreat feeling so inspired. They gave me an opportunity to listen and learn from some amazing women. I'm thankful for the friendships I created there. 

Kari Johnson

My favorite part of the retreat was meeting so many new amazing friends! The biggest takeaway from the retreat for me was knowing everyone is truly here to help each other learn and grow however they can. I would definitely come to another retreat! I love meeting new friends and helping others by having those moments to visit and learn from each others experiences.


I learned SO much, which honestly isn't too much a stretch since I knew next to nothing going in. But my biggest take away was the warm acceptance of the other women and their encouragement. They became my cheerleaders and helped me to gain the courage I was seeking to put myself out there and just go for it. I realized my biggest battle is overcoming my own self doubt, all of the technology stuff is learnable and to just dive in and figure it out.  

Kelly and Bethany have so much knowledge to share and are so generous with that knowledge and their infectious encouragement. I will attend any other events they sponsor, it's worth every penny and worth every bit of time spent.

Michelle inkley

Sometimes we get a little scared to try new things. I was a little nervous to be going to this retreat as I didn’t know most of the girls, and I felt very small. When I got there it was just smile after smile, friendly faces, kind words and a whole lot of love and acceptance. 

I was excited to learn about Rewards style, from a master teacher, and just as important my bunk mate was so kind to sit with me and go over some photography tips. I left feeling like a superstar with a million new friends. I can’t wait for the next one!

Lacee Merritt

I loved every minute of the Uplift Retreat I attended! Kelly and Bethany did such a fabulous job and thought of every little detail, making it the perfect retreat everyone should attend. Everyone was so welcoming and inviting to one another. I loved that everyone was so whiling to help you with whatever you felt like your account needed at that time. The thing I took away the most from the retreat was that everyone has a story no matter how big or small your space is here on Instagram. I would highly recommend for anyone that is interested in growing their Instagram to attend one of their uplift retreats. You will learn, you will laugh, you will cry, but most importantly you will leave with so many new friends!! I can’t wait to attend the next one.

Brianna Brown

I absolutely loved the uplift retreat, it was such a great way to meet Instagram friends, and make new ones.

I learned so much about collaborating with companies, and Instagram tips and tricks.

I will definitely be going again.

Kenzie Dew

My favorite part of the retreat was hearing everyone’s real stories. Getting to know the real women behind the gram and really connecting! 

I took away so much knowledge. To just be myself. To immerse myself in what I’m truly passionate about. To not pay attention to the numbers but focus on the engagement and connections. 

I would absolutely come again! It was the best girls’ weekend I’ve ever had. I’ve never been in a room filled with so many beautiful and talented yet supportive and loving women!

Devanie Adams

The Uplift Retreat is exactly what the name says! The setting, schedule of events, and overall vibe is perfectly uplifting! The dynamic power duo, Kelly & Bethany, created a low key, stress free, easy to learn and engage environment. I learned so many new things and am still learning afterwards as the momentum continues from this amazing event. I am eager for the next Uplift Retreat. Invaluable connections are made. Grateful for the opportunity to participate.  

Kelly & Bethany are so generous with their knowledge and are masters at creating a perfect mastermind and connecting environment. Can’t wait to return! 

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